Hot stuff Retreats

Are you ready to call on courage and stand up for what you believe? Are you ready to offer up more of yourself for yourself and others?

Hot Stuff is all about learning how to use your unique gifts, perspective, and life experiences as a powerful medium for soul-centric leadership. 

HOT STUFF was created with the intention to bring together an intimate group of fierce women, like yourself (I'm sure),  who are ready to take the next step. To step outside of their comfort zones and answer the call to own their centre and harness their powers in a potent way.  

 Over the 4 days, you will be nurtured, inspired, challenged and no-doubt transformed in this intimate, cozy and powerful experience.

If your body is saying yes then you are being called to show up more fully for yourself first so that you can make waves in an infectiously powerful and sustainable way.


  • Get clear on your soul-centred purpose. Your calling. Your direction.

  • Understand yourself better.

  • Build self-sourcing tools that will equip and support you every day.

  • Develop earth-based habits that nourish your body and keep you clear and on point.

  • Own your unique gifts + develop a stronger voice.

  • Strengthen your confidence and your ability to accept and support your vulnerability.

  • Learn how to access your truth and share from this place (in written and spoken form).

  • Identify fears, internal road blocks and present scenarios that are dimming your light. Your power. 

  • Develop a rhythm and a system that will keep you motivated, strong and aligned as you perservere.

  • Play with your evolving edge through different  modalities of expression.

  • Strengthen your bravery muscles and pinpoint trigger points that weaken your power.

  • Align with spirit and the universal support that’s waiting to hold you.

  • Learn simple and powerful practices to keep your mind, body, life and spirit aligned.

  • Begin your transition here. Solution focused resolution will become clear.

  • Map out an inspired action plan moving forward.

  • Learn how to maintain the change and keep putting your intentions into action.

This is For... 

 the women who are ready to step further into their power and own the magic they no longer want to deny.

+Whether you’re a yoga teacher, healer or coach wanting to establish a stronger voice 

+ A mother looking to celebrate self-love and step further into your power at home 
+ A soul inspired entrepreneuer wanting to step up your game and make a shift

+ A woman who’s keen to make serious waves in her job/industry 

+ Or just a gal thats’ called to lead by holding her own, leading by example and inspiring through being