dare to put on the brakes & take time to truly know and understand yourself, so you can stay plugged into the core of who you are & the vibration that serves you best.

If we’ve yet to meet…

I was put on this planet to liberate humans. To liberate you. Bold and heart-centred humans who are called to be set free and consciously show up and lead.

Why? Because your rising is our Mother's foundational healing glue



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consistently Gather with a room of womxn who are committed to rising.

Each Eve is slightly different but the essence of the experience is the same.

In short - Be inspired to come home to yourself and love yourself up all year long.  

At each gathering we will have a good-ol fashion circle where you can expect to be honoured and supported in the unvelling of your true sense of Self…The liberated Self that carries no boundaries in her identity and limits in her mind.  Every practice, tool and experience shared throughout the evening will be in honour of your wholeness and innate capacity to becoming that resilient, graceful and free-spirited modern womxn you crave to be.

Make sure to check out each Eve’s description to see the intentions and what’s included.

*all gatherings are non-denominational and in support of your own belief systems. 





Harness your power and use the force of fierce grace to co-create a life that speaks to you

Are you tired of playing small and spending your precious life doing things that don't fulfill you?

Are you sick of feeling lost, uninspired, overwhelmed and incapable? 

Are you starting to recognize that you need to honour your body in new ways in order to thrive like 'she' does? 

Have you finally admitted to yourself that your time will never come unless you create it?


Incase you're wondering...

We'll start with a 2 hour discovery session (in my cozy space in Deep Cove or online), where we'll dig deep and investigate your truth so that you can get clear on what it is that you really, really want and need.  

From this clear and steady place we'll build an integrative and solution-focused plan that will keep you rooted, focused, inspired and on-point. 

In very little time your freshly aligned inspired way of living will provide you with a direct hook-up to life's magic. 

You no-doubt will awaken to your power. The best part? Once you begin to carry this power you will forever trust your commitment expansion and Self. This trust will act as one of your greatest strengths as it continues to equip you with a resilient grace that will keep you inspired, focused and stoked as you carry on walking tall in your evolution.


While working with me you willL:

  • Get crystal clear on your vision so that you can focus your time and energy on things that fulfill you. 

  • Confidently create your dream life while staying rooted in your current commitments. 

  • Identify and eliminate excuses and habits that are keeping you in the past and distancing you from your magic. 

  • Learn how to be more resourceful and trusting of your own capacity so that your inner knowing becomes your greatest tool in life. 

  • Bring a heart-centred project to life in a clear, systematic and sustainable way.

  • Develop a stronger voice (in written and spoken form) and become more impactful in whatever it is that you do.

  • Get smart and solution-focused action plans that guide you from A to B in your own time. 

  • Learn different techniques to get your energy freely flowing in your body and mind so that you consistently feel radiant, embodied, comfortable and clear.

  • Develop an expanded awareness so that you can continue to witness the changes you need to make in order to align your life with your values, hearts desires and bodies needs.

  • Learn how to restore, unravel and regulate poorly processed traumas that are stored in your body and psyche so that your body can relax and your mind can engage in an optimistic future.

  • Develop unshakable confidence in who you've become and the stories you get to share.

  • Learn how to listen to your body so that you can be your own savvy healer that knows how to nourish and cleanse your wholeness. 

  • Find your centre and learn how to access it in any moment so that you’re more grounded, resilient and unapologetic in your YOUness. 

  • Learn how to work with your fears and emotions (instead of against them), so that you stay true, connected and in your flow. 

  • Utilize the rhythms of nature and harness your power so that your output highlights your cyclical strengths.

  • Train your body to restore and keep your relaxation response in tact so that you don't get hijacked by adrenaline and cortisol. 

  • Build more and more beauty from the inside out so that your stoke is infectious.




born wild


This retreat is a reclamation of your wild, all-knowing heart space. Take a time out to listen to your higher senses and awaken the fulfilling nature of your bliss body.

This retreat is everything light-hearted and free. Soak in the sun and sea, practice yoga (sweaty + restorative), catch some waves, lounge, bronze your rig, drown yourself in green juice or beer and stuff your face with ethnic wholesome grub. No thinking necessary. No growth asked of you. Just ease and joy. That’s it. 

Hot stuff


Step more fully into your truth and authentic powers as a heart-centric leader.
This is a retreat-styled immersion devoted to your unique expansion, awakening and level of impact as a conscious leader. 

she who breathes


Slow down and reclaim your essence.

This is a weekend retreat devoted to real self care. The kind that’s non-egoic, patient, truthful, practical and life affirming.

Love up your nervous system, tissues, mental body and all the major organs that get greatly impacted by stress. Unravel your story by targeting the current nature of your cells and call in restortion and regeneration.