She Who Breathes 


#shewhobreathes is a movement that awakens women to the power and ease available inside of ourselves. The retreat itself is an opportunity to excavate and elevate this power and ease. 

Get ready for a whole lot of exhales.

Take a step back. Slow right down. Re-establish your centre and awaken to your bliss body. 

Reclaim self-care as your secret weapon. Breathe and move your body back into freedom. Reclaim the tender strength of your fluidity, so that you can anchor more deeply into your highest Self. And, find freedom in your wounds and limitations as you learn to surrender the mind to the instrument of the body in response to your souls future longing.

Learn how to honour and respond to your highest callings so that your body, mind and spirit can stay expansive in a world that tends to harden, disempower and desensitize us.

By the end of the retreat you'll feel wiser, freer and more fierce in your readiness to take on the world from a centred, whole and heart-full space. 

Your inner resources will bulk right up and you’ll have a deeper sense on how to utilize them from then on.

What can you expect?

Stillness + Silence

Restorative Yoga

Yoga Nidra + Guided Visualizations

Meditation + Breath Work

Powerful Stream of Consciousness Writing Prompts  

Group Coaching 

Outdoor Adventures

Wholesome Meals

Deep Sleeps

Golden surprise nuggets

Supportive Sisterhood