Holistic Lifestyle Revamp

Holistic Lifestyle Revamp


Facing the fact that you likely need to make a change in order to feel the way you want to is the hardest part.

So now that you’re here - lets do the darn thing! Lets get your mind and body exactly where they want to be by getting yourself out of your own way and learning to initiate supportive actions that elevate every last inch of you (without getting all straight and narrow, I promise).

Too often our lack-luster, or potentially even self sabotaging habits, are so unconscious that we benefit immensely from someone else’s vision and expertise.

Shining from the seat of our soul in solid mental, spiritual and physical health, just as you’re meant to and just as you deserve to, is my underlying mission.

What can you expect?

Lifestyle Revamp over 5 sessions becomes a personalized lifestyle plan that’s grows from a thorough holistic investigation into your past (mind, body, spirit) and where you crave to be from a wellness point of view.

I have yet to come across anyone that offers such holistic and individualized care in lifestyle planning…yes, I’m tooting my own horn ;).

This package will set you up for success if you’re willing to take action. I promise.

What to expect?

  • Initial 2 Hour Investigation

  • 4 follow up 1hr sessions

  • 3, 20 min Check-In’s

  • Ongoing email support for 8 weeks (from first session).

  • Shared Google Drive folder with your Plan + Session notes.

  • Session recordings if we meet online.

* Please note that all sessions can be online or in person unless noted otherwise. Pricing does not include GST.

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