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full moon - Womxn's Eve - A Gathering devoted to excavating your subconscious blocks, embodying the divine feminine + inviting more joy

Saturday, September 14th - MODO Yoga Squamish




Womxns Eve - CYCLICAL mini self-care retreat


Each Eve is slightly different but the essence of the experience is the same.

In short - Be inspired to come home to yourself and love yourself up all year long.  

At each gathering we will have a good-ol fashion circle where you can expect to be honoured and supported in the unvelling of your true sense of Self…The liberated Self that carries no boundaries in her identity and limits in her mind.  Every practice, tool and experience shared throughout the evening will be in honour of your wholeness and innate capacity to becoming that resilient, graceful and free-spirited modern womxn you crave to be.

Make sure to check out each Eve’s description to see the intentions and what’s included.

*all gatherings are non-denominational and in support of your own belief systems. 



Harness your power and use the force of fierce grace to co-create a life that speaks to you

Are you tired of playing small and spending your precious life doing things that don't fulfill you?

Are you sick of feeling lost, uninspired, overwhelmed and incapable? 

Are you starting to recognize that you need to honour your body in new ways in order to thrive like 'she' does? 

Have you finally admitted to yourself that your time will never come unless you create it?



Devoted to those that need a break, those that crave to elevate their senses, and those that are on a mission to serve and evolve wholeheartedly.



This retreat is a reclamation of your true Self. The Being that was birthed into the world before social norms and cultural influences had their way with you.

Take a time out to shake off self-limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks and habits that block you from the fulfillment and joy you deserve. Practice listening and awakening to the intelligent nature of your heart as you cleanse and break through to your bliss body. 

This retreat is everything light-hearted and free in it’s approach to create space for transformation. Soak in the sun and sea, practice many styles of yoga, luscious movement, meditation catch some waves, lounge, bronze your rig, drown yourself in novels, beach comb and find stillness in the seas breeze.

Nourish your body with ethnic wholesome grub, fresh cleansing juices and fibrous smoothies.

Absolutely no thinking necessary here. No growth asked of you. The ease and joy will work their magic for you.




You’re ready to step more fully into your truth and authentic powers as a heart-centric leader.
This is a retreat-styled immersion devoted to your unique expansion, awakening and level of impact as a conscious leader. Get clear on your mission, unique gifts and medium of creation as you build the confidence to own all that you are.



Slow down, reclaim your essence and awaken to your higher senses.

This is a 4-7 day retreat designed to teach sustainable self-care and self-mastery in the tenderest of ways. Love up your psyche, regulate your nervous system and restore your adrenals.

Find tools and inner resources that fuel your radiance and resilience with Yoga Nidra, kriyas, breath work, meditation, visualization, restorative movement + yoga, guided journaling practices and oxygen saturated, spirit-fuelled low-key adventures.


“The times call for us to live, love + lead courageously...

time and time again.”


What people are saying

Headshot- Taylor Godber.jpg

TAYLOR GODBEr - Athlete & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

“Zoey is a light bringer to every encounter, experience, and endeavour. Her ability to hold space for people to digest what is necessary to them and to step bravely into themselves is everything nurturing and safe. Her vast knowledge through extensive education comes parallel to her own personal practice. She truly practices what she preaches and for me, as a student of a healer and guide, this voice speaks mountains of her ability to translate and teach.”


SARA BARTLETT - Visual story teller, Content Creator + Momma

“I loved working with Zoey on gaining clarity, personal blocks, digging deeper and sorting through all the life muck. With so many projects on the go, some going out and coming in, I felt no sense of direction and I felt drained. Somehow, she always seemed to know what I needed in and from our sessions even if I didn’t. I really resonated with her approach on coaching and I felt so comfortable with her and sharing in my struggles. I feel I gained so much from our work together and I look forward to more in the future. I greatly admire Zoey’s ability to hold space for so many women, her no BS attitude and her passion that you can feel from the moment you meet her. I would recommend working with Zoey to any woman who feels they’re not getting the most out of their lives in whatever areas that might be.”


Andrea Helleman - Business and brand maven + Host of The lawless podcast

“Zoey is pure joy. Her coaching comes from a very grounded place and intuitively weaves my professional, emotional and personal selves together. I am often awestruck by how direct and on point she is with her assessments in business and health (when I ask her). I find her coaching always comes from a place of her knowing where I am at and at what level I can absorb the content. She is my secret weapon for life and such a bright light of inspiration and support.”



Diane Rudge - ARtist + Creative

"I first connected with Zoey at her Wild Roots retreat in Squamish. I can honestly say Zoey is one of the most comforting, passionate, and caring individuals I've met. I left feeling more alive, more connected to myself, and a complete shift within. She helped initiate the beginning of big change for me, and since then has followed up with support, love and guidance whenever needed.”